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Graduation time is here, and these caps make the perfect gift! They can be opened up to conceal candy or a small gift and they are super easy to make.

 Graduation Caps

If you would like to learn how to make these aweome caps join one of my workshops "here".
If you would like a kit to make a set of these caps click "here".

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I love scrapbooking

My Aunt Dagi made these beautiful pages:

 Stampin Up

Look at my most recent scrapbooking page:

 my babies

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Looking for a chocolate gift idea? Click the picture for more information.



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  Legends of fairies have been around for hundreds of years... but where did the stories begin? The word fairy itself is a combination of Middle English and French spelling. Other cultures also have legends of these magical creatures with different names. I find these little creatures adorable and decided to draw one.



 simply Stef

I drew my fairy, but then I wasn't sure how to color her. I still have not decided on which one I like best. You are welcome to download the my black and white copy and color one yourself. Let me know how it turns out. I would love to see the differnt variations people can come up with.

Pictured are some embellishments I made this last weekend.

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 Steffi Store

 Stef's Store

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