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Hello May! My puppies will be 2 years old in October. How time flies.

I would love to hear back from you, where are you from and do you have a beagle pup or two? Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

June 2018- 
Daisy watching the deer outside, really wishing that she could chase them.

So my dearest pups received a present. We had a doggie door installed! No more getting up and letting my pups in and out every 5 minutes. My husband bought the kit at HomeDepot, it's a Airseal Pet Door by Ideal Pet Products. It was difficult to get them to use it at first, but once day three rolled around they started using it with a little bit of bribery to help them along. Piper took a little longer to get use to it then Daisy.

We just installed the first week of May. We plan on making it pretty later. Don't mind the window seal, that was my husbands idea. 

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New toy for the puppies thanks to their big sister Nicole.

I have two Beagles who are almost six months old (Birthday 10/17/16). They are very entertaining and have a tendancy to get in trouble. When I got these two adorable pups in January, I did not realize how busy that they would keep me.

  I learned that they like to chew on walls, window seals and that linoleum flooring is delicious to a beagle? We had to buy a special spray to stop that habit and made sure that they always have plenty of chew toys. That lasted for about a month. Now they tear toys apart.

  Getting to raise two puppies, seeing them grow and learn in the months that I have had them, has been amazing. It also has been a little crazy. I feel like a new parent all over again, except these babies have four legs.

  Here is a picture of my adorable pups:
Daisy and Piper 
You know you love your pups when you sew their favorite toys back together.

Other Beagle things:

Coloring page / Glass Pattern


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