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My classroom library consists of two categories: books sorted by level and theme.  The box containing each type of book is clearly labeled, and each book contained within the box is given a small coordinating label. This way, students have a clear visual cue to help them return books to their proper location.



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Moby Max Brag Tags

  I love using MobyMax with my students. It is easy-to-use, standards-based assessment tool that monitors student growth as they try and retry questions from multiple subjects. I like that I can fit the program to what I am teaching in the classroom. I also assign it as homework as an extra study tool. offers many incentives for students, one of just the few is game time. Best of all is that I can differentiate the lessons. 

  My students like earning brag tags for achieving goals and good behavior. The mobymax badges make excellent brag tags. I print them nine to a page, so that they print at a convienent size. I cut them out, laminate them and then hang them from a chain. Students earn these badges at the end of each month. I aslo print contest badges at the end of the month. Teachers can set up contests on the program. I have added five contests to mine, they are: "Mathematician of the month", "Classroom Historian", "Scientist of the month", "Author of the month", "Homework Master".

 Moby Max Badge

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