Saturday, July 1, 2017

Handmade Greeting Cards Swap

Handmade Greeting Card Swap

Summer Season

You will have one (1) partner and you will send three (3) handmade greeting cards to that partner.
Any theme is fine and you can stamp, draw, paint or use any artist technique you feel comfortable with.  Make nice cards that you would like to receive and put thought into it. You may write a note in one of the cards for your partner.

This is open internationally, if you prefer U.S only let me know and I will assign you to someone with the same preferences.

Get busy and make a beautiful greeting card for someone special!

Post below if you have questions. I’ll check often and reply

Happy Swapping!

Click "here" to join

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  1. Forgot to take a picture of the ones I sent; sorry. Can't wait to get mine!

  2. sent mine off cant wait to get mine as well

  3. Yay, received my cards from Kayla today along with some beautiful ribbons! Don't know how to post the pictures here or I would.

    1. Glad you received your cards. I posted the picture you shared with me to my blog.

  4. how do i see the pic you posted

    1. Hi Raine, Here is the link to view the pictures
      These are the only pictures that have been shared with me so far. I had 16 people participate in this event.

  5. Where do I post pictures of the cards are received?

  6. Visit new swap page here:


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